Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Picture Reject #11

Elise, totally rockin' the... you know, I'm not really quite sure what that is on her head. But methinks it's a good look for her. The only thing missing is a whole pile of fruit up there à la Carmen Miranda.

Upon Wikipedia-ing Carmen Miranda, I found out she was Portuguese. Perhaps Elise is channeling her spirit...

If you read her bio closely (and if you know us), you'll find another commonality. Weird.

How did this post end up being about Carmen Miranda? I thought the title was Daily Picture Reject.

Damn rabbit trails.


Val said...

Wow. That common thing is, well, spooooky. Better keep a look out for the fruit on the head. I know how much Elise loves her bananas. And I'm glad that the common thing is not some of the other facts found in the article...father's disapproval, or Miranda working in a tie shop at 14. Yep. All of those a little tragic. Somehow I can't see Elise working in a tie shop at 14 no matter how bad the economy gets. Dancing with fruit on her head...maybe.

HeyJade said...

I seriously scanned that whole article wondering what the common thing was... I was about to give up and then finally looked at the VERY TOP and was like... duh, beavis. That's hilarious.

Sad thing is, I did a little article on her once for a Spanish class. Haha! I'm dumb! Obviously never retained any info I learned in college. Oh well.

:::now has "the lady with the tutti-frutti hat" song stuck in my head, thanks:::