Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

My 33rd birthday came and went yesterday, and I'm still glowing from all the wonderful birthday wishes, and the FUN surprise party that Fred planned.

I woke up Sunday morning very groggy because Fred and I were up until 3:00 am, working on the walk video (from my previous post). Fred and Elise brought me my card and presents, and after I nursed Elise, I went back to sleep until about 11:00. I am just way too old to stay up that late (we were up until 3:00 the night before too).

I thought Fred and I (and Elise, of course) were going to have a nice quiet dinner out, but somehow he managed to sneak 20 of our friends (plus three toddlers) into a reserved room without me noticing. There was much merriment and, of course, cake!

When I remember back to my birthday last year, I'm struck at how sad that day was for me. I don't remember why, as I've written in a previous post, 2008 was a horrible year for me. Only one week after I turned 32, Elise was diagnosed with diabetes. Perhaps I had an impending sense of doom... I don't know. I just remember feeling very bleak about the year ahead.

Fortunately, I have a good feeling about 33!

Elise giving Momma a birthday kiss!


Kim said...

Hey Jo,

That's so wonderful! I didn't get a chance to call or write a note on Sunday. We were gone pretty much all day. But I just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday! I've been so proud of how you have struggled through all that you have faced this year, and come out stronger for it. I am very proud of my friend...that would be you. :-)


Val said...

I am so bummed that I got sick just in time for dinner. I was so looking forward to seeing you and having a good steak. Glad you had a great time! And I agree. The year ahead is full of bright things. Happy Birthday!!

Liz Sobolik said...

it was so fun! THAT CAKE IS AMAZING!!! I'm so glad I finally got to taste it after hearing about it all these years. yummmm.

emily said...

happy birthday, mommy jo, keep up the good work, and enjoy the cake whenever it comes around!