Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My little winner

Meet Elise's new friend, Cowbie Chifla (the last name is how Elise pronounces Chick-fil-a). And yes, she named him that all on her own.

So how does one win a giant, stuffed, big-as-your-almost-two-year-old-daughter, Chick-fil-a cow?

It wasn't because my husband has probably eaten his body weight in waffle fries a hundred times over; although I think they owe us something for all the artery-clogging goodness Fred has chowed down.

Elise won Cowbie simply by reading. Well, being read to. And having a diligent enough mother who filled out those stupid, tedious library logs for a couple of measly trinkets and the off-chance that Elise could win something cool.

And win she did. I'm told there were over 700 names in the drawing. Did I neglect to tell you the rest of the prize?

Free Chick-fil-a for an entire year.

Yeah, Fred is freaking out.


Teresa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love the cow's name.
Hope to have a chance of trying that chick fillet when I'm over. This if Fred is willing to share!
Hope Elise is doing better!
Big hug

Kim said...

Are you kidding?!? Is there a limit you can spend each month? I'm sure Fred will use it all.

And way to go Mommy!!!!!

Janice said...

OMGoodness I LOVE chik-fil-a!!! How exciting!! Your dilligence has paid off! You now have a happy child and happy husband. Lucky woman:-)

girltravelor said...

Wow! That is incredible. Way to go. I'm just jealous that you even HAVE a Chik-fil-A nearby.

girltravelor said...

Haha, I showed this to Nathan and he just laughed in disbelief, then commented on your guys' incredible knack of getting things for free or close to free. Did we ever go to Cheddar's with you and have you NOT get free croissants? :-)

HeyJade said...

Ohmygosh,Ohmygosh,Ohmygosh! That's insane... that's right up Fred's alley! Haha. Man, I read to Preston like crazy and all we got from our library was a medal, certficate and a free Whataburger junior. LAME-O. But go, Elise! Haha.

Joanne said...

@ kim - I believe they give you 52 coupons for a free kid's meal, so one per week.

Meri said...

Still stalking...

HeLLO!!! I love this place! The closest one to us is in the Fairfield mall, about 40 minutes away. (And don't think I haven't made the trek for it either...)

I guess it's good they don't have one close by...I would probably turn into one of those stuffed cows.