Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear Idiots

This is a letter to all the unpleasant, feel-like-they-own-the-whole-trail morons who were biking or rollerblading at Campion Trails Saturday, September 26th, 2009.

Yesterday I witnessed just how terrible people can be to one another and added yet another reason to start saving for that deserted island I'm going to need to buy to get away from people like you.

I don't understand it, but I do realize that you twits feel entitled to pathways where cars do not tread. But you do not own them. They are not yours. They are open to EVERYBODY, especially when we are walking in a CHARITY EVENT.

I'm guessing that all the tents that were set-up, or the giant balloon-arch, or the vast hordes of people wearing all sorts of matching shirts, or even the BIG SIGN THAT SAID JDRF WALK FOR A CURE, were not enough of a clue for you dimwits, but yesterday at Campion Trails in Irving was the annual Diabetes walk.

You know, I am so sorry that all those people got up early on a Saturday, took the time to raise money and awareness for this horrible disease, and spilled out onto your pathways in support of the people they love who have to live with, or take care of someone who lives with diabetes every day. How very inconvenient for you.

But for you to huff at us, and mutter things under your breath as you pushed your way through us, was a new low... even for people that are known for being so openly hostile towards those that dare to get in your way, or violate your "sacred rules of the pathway".

And to that cantankerous, old biddy on the bike who practically ran a mother who was pushing her kids in a stroller off of the pathway, then had the balls to yell at her; I have something very special to say to you. Except I'm not going to, because my Mom reads this blog and I am too much of a lady to say those things out loud.

I will say to all the pinheads on two and eight wheels; get a freaking life and chill out a little. You now have your precious trail back for the next 364 days. But we will be back, and next year I won't be above sticking my arm out to clothesline the first discourteous jerkoff-on-wheels who rolls by.



phonelady said...

right on and you are so right . this strikes at me particularily because some woman almost ran into me at the grocery store with one of those stupid mobile wheelchairs and she refused to back up or did not know how to . I was astounded at how rude some ppl could be . right on joanne you go girl .

emily said...

gently, gently,.... your effort in walking for something important possibly made them feel very insignificant. Then their pushing and muttering made them feel important again. Just consider the source of their stupidity, and then hug Elise. That should make you feel much better.

Val said...

Yes, I echo every word of this post. Having been there with you I can vouch for the downright horrid-ness of the old bitty, and all the other rude horrible bikers/skaters/runners. I was appalled. But! We did have a great time in spite of it, and all for one very special little girl :)

Teresa said...

I agree with what Emily said.
A huge hug
Avo Teresa