Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Why is the title of this post capitalized with three exclamation marks? Because that is how Elise says (nay, shouts) Kansas City. Every time. Pretty much shrieks it. And I know not why.

Alas, finally here are some pictures from our KANSAS CITY!!! trip. Only about a month after the fact...

First time on an airplane... in first class!

Celebrating her birthday in KANSAS CITY!!!

Mmmmm, cake

Elise sharing with Lee

Can't eat it fast enough!

Elise and her older man

HUGS! Madison, Elise and Lee

Elise and her new BFF, Madison

Feeding the goats at Deanna Rose, this very cool, free children's farm.

Elise LOVED feeding the goats!

Goat want some milk? Yeah? Okay!

Did I mention she really liked feeding the goats?

This pic totally cracks me up for some reason

Tractor ride!

I LOVE this picture, I don't know what it is, but there's something perfect about it


phonelady said...

are maddison and lee your kids too ? wow that is just too precious with elise and maddison walking off together . also fred with elise is precious too . You all are so awesome looking together . maybe elise remembers the goats that is awesome and why she shrieks Kansas city . awesome just awesome . great post thanks for sharing and posting this , definately an awe moment.

Joanne said...

Madison and Lee are the kids of our friends who we stayed with in KANSAS CITY!!! (I will always have to write it like that from now on). They are the cutest 5 year old twins and were so great with Elise. She still talks about them and asks when we're going to see them.