Friday, February 26, 2010

She likes to talk

Like any proud parent, the things my kid says tickle me to no end. So I'm going to share them with you. Because it's my blog and I can.

I make a farty in my diaper - Said with a smile.

When Poppa wakes up in the morning he makes a farty - Yes. Yes he does.

I snuggle my beek... awwwwww - A "beek" is her blanket.

I need big-girl help - Sigh... me too.

I wake-up a nap! - Translation, "I'm awake... come and get me!"

Naked baby, naked baby! - What can I say, the girl loves to take her clothes off and run around yelling this.

I love Seven, she my friend - Seven is our dog.

My hair is crazy - Tru dat, I have no clue where she gets her wild mane from.

We take avião to Costco! - Avião means airplane in Portuguese. Costco is what she would call San Francisco when she got excited.

I am freaking out! - She didn't really use it in the right context, but it was cute, nonetheless.

It's freaking cold out!
- I have no idea who would teach her such language...

Seven so stinking cute! - What can I say, she loves that dog.

I love you too - Not so weird, except that she says it to you first, before you say I love you to her.

I can't find my Poppa - She says this to me pretty much every morning when I get her up. She's basically saying she's sad that Poppa isn't there too.

I almost tired - I still don't know what she means by this, but she uses the word "almost" in front of a verb. As in "I almost hungry", or "I almost scared".

Those girls hungry... need food - I had to include this one, even at the risk of embarrassing myself. Apparently, sometimes I feel the need to watch completely trashy TV. And sometimes, that comes in the form of America's Next Top Model. Although, seriously... it's more about the head-shaking, are-these-people-for-real, comic-relief of it all. Elise happened to wander into the room one night, and before I could change the channel, spied a gaggle of skeletor-like girls wearing bathing suits. And that was her comment. I have one freaking astute kid, don't I?


Wym said...

We have a naked baby too. Today at nap we found her dancing in her crib and singing Naked baby...yes, she was.
Your babe is really cute. I can tell from the sharp wit and fart humor.

phonelady said...

Okay one thing to ask is this another joanne in the making only with another name ? LOL !!! I love you guys .

JennyBox said...

So cute! Have you noticed that you're talking "Elise Talk" to other adults? I have to catch myself to stop from using Brenden words in conversation.

MaRia said...

so cute! you'll be so glad you have these kinds of things recorded to remember, even just a year or two from now!

Meri said...

I love your list! I hope she makes it Costco again soon!

And ya Elise...Those girls ARE hungry! You are a rock star for figuring that out so young!

HeyJade said...

Hahahahahah @ the last one especially! That's awesome, and she's so smart!

We always feel the need to loudly proclaim nakedness too... almost always involving Preston running up and down the hallway yelling NAKEY NAKEY (that's one of the few words he still says baby-ish... it's sad when the baby-talk goes bye bye and they get all serious/grammatical on your).