Friday, January 21, 2011

Thankful to be married to a REAL man

For some reason I've started listening to sports talk radio. I like sports, the announcers tend to be funny, and most other talk radio tends to make me grind my teeth lately.

But the other day I was listening one guy (let's call him jack-wagon #1) complain to his co-hosts that he had the day off that coming Friday, but his days off are never really a day off. Because his wife expects him to help her out with the kids. Then jack-wagon #2 says something to the effect of "your wife doesn't come up here and do your job on her days off, does she?" Jack-wagon #3 didn't say much on the matter, leading me to believe he's either smart, or not married.

Really, JW #1? Really? First off, you're griping about your wife wanting a little help from you when you're home? Let's put aside the fact that YOUR job consists of talking about sports with a bunch of guys. I've worked in radio, and it's FUN. Yes, yes... there is a scant amount of work invovled, but you mostly sit around and talk about poop, farts, and sports. In that order.

Do you realize that your wife doesn't get a day off? A weekend? A chance to sleep in? A coffee break or a lunch hour? Did you know that being a mom is a 24/7 job and you don't get vacations? Or sick days? A paycheque???

Having worked in radio, I know the perks... free tickets to concerts and sporting events. Radio SWAG (stuff we all get), meeting famous (or semi-famous people). Free food that restaurants lavish upon you for a good word or two. Yes, the perks are many, but jack-wagons of the world, I've got you beat.

My perks come in the form of sloppy wet kisses. My son's first toothless grin. My daughter telling me, "I just love you so much". Listening with pride as my three year old spells her name out loud for the first time. Storytimes and snuggles. A baby snoozing in my arms. That, Mr. Jack-wagon beats your day-old doughnuts and crappy hat that will be out-of-date by next week because your radio station changes format for the 5th time in 24 months, hands down.

And Mr. Radio jack-wagon? The next time you want to gripe about having to help your wife out with YOUR kids (that I'm assuming you had a hand in making); grow a pair, and be a real man.

That is all.


Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

Yea - what she said!

I always wondered what SWAG stood for - not I know! Thanks! :)

Meri said...

That is what I'm talking about! You go girl! Your wife is not your slave. Stand up and be accountable for your offspring...and your family!

Kim said...

Well said, Jo! Well said.