Monday, January 31, 2011

Just say NO to N2O

Do you know what's worse than having to go to the dentist?

Having to go to the dentist, falling asleep in the chair, and waking up with vomit all over you. From the "it could only happen to me" file...

I was actually looking forward to having some cavities filled. The last time I went, they used the nitris on me and I swear, he could have drilled a hole in my head and I wouldn't have cared.

But this time was different. Maybe they cranked it up too high. Maybe it was the two hours of sleep I had the night before. Maybe it was the one lonely piece of toast sitting in my stomach. All I know is one minute I'm asleep, and the next I have spewed all over myself.

It was pretty miserable and I felt so bad for the dentist and hygienist that had to work with me reeking like that.

I left the dentist's office feeling awful (and in fact emitted one more technicolour yawn before I departed), and it lingered the rest of the day. Fred and I even had to cancel our long-awaited date night sans kids (my mom was in town).

So no more nitris for me. Too bad, going to the dentist was almost as good as a day at the spa.


Tracy1918 said...

Oh Joanne! What a nightmare! I cannot even believe that happened to you.

Bet the following shower was the best of your life!!! : )