Monday, July 19, 2010

The joys of being pregnant

Yes, there are many joys to pregnancy; the feeling of a life growing inside of you. The anticipation a meeting this little person who shares your DNA. The smiles you get from people when they see your ever-expanding tummy. And, of course, the eating of pretty much what you want, when you want.

And let's not forget the built in excuse for going from zero to stark-raving crazy in .5 seconds.

Yup, being pregnant is a joy, but I am finding out some of the not-so-joyous stuff that I never experienced with Elise.

This baby is carrying so low, that I think he's using my bladder as a water bed. Or a trampoline. Seriously, every time he moves, I have to pee. Last night alone, I got up 10 times. Ten times, people. When you go to bed at 11:00 pm and wake up around 7:00 am, that's about every 45 minutes.

There is a well-worn path from my side of the bed to the toilet, and I think I actually fell asleep while sitting on it a few nights ago. And the saddest part of all? Elise and I now have something in common; we have both peed our pants sometime during the last week. In my defence, I DID sneeze. She was just too lazy to stop playing and head to the potty.

I cannot wait until I can claim my bladder is my own again, but until then I'm seriously contemplating the Depends route at night.

Is being 33 and wearing a diaper really that lame?


phonelady said...

I know you are anxious to see that little baby and have them stop using your bladder for a trampolene. LOL !!

Wym said...

This problem does not go away when he arrives...btw. I still pee when i jump, sneeze, skip, run...or stand up too fast. Do your Kegels NOW!

Meri said...

Sadly, Wym is right. The more babies you have...the bigger the problem.

It is coming so fast! For me anyway. I'm so excited for your family to meet little Matias!

Lora said...

YAY! Baby belly :)
Yeah, I'm with the girls... I still have the sneezy ~ "pee"sy problem. And jumping?!? FOR>GET>IT!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i choked on my spit while reading this...haha I TOO HAVE FALLEN ASLEEP ON THE TOILET ...haha

as for depends...don't knock em...i wore then when my water broke w/lily while i was laboring at home..those things rock!!!! :o) TMI TMI