Monday, July 12, 2010

Nerdy Von Saves-a-lot strikes again.

Ahhh, another banner day at CVS. This Sunday I went armed with all my coupons and ended up getting $70 worth of product for pretty much free! Or if you want to get technical, I paid 51 cents. If you want to get uber-technical about it, I paid $30 out of pocket for something I'll be getting a $35 rebate for in a few weeks. Here's how:

Scissors - Regularly $3.19. On sale for 99 cents. I got 99 cents in ECB, making them free.
Pens - Regularly $2.19. On sale for 99 cents. I got 99 cents in ECB, making them free.
Contact Solution - Regularly $9.99. On sale for $7.99. I had a $2 coupon, plus I got back $7.99 in ECB. Meaning I made $2 for this purchase!
John Frieda spray - Regularly $6.49. On sale for $5.00. I had a $2 coupon.
John Frieda conditioner - Regularly $6.99. On sale for $5.00. I had a $2.50 coupon. I got $5 ECB back for buying the two products, meaning I paid 50 cents for both.
Neutrogena - Regularly $40. On sale for $34.99. I had a $5 coupon. I also had a mail in rebate which reimbursed me for the full ($34.99) amount. So I made $5 on this one.

Since I have about $25 in ECB from previous transactions, I used those to pay instead of using cash (not including the Neutrogena... I did that in a separate transaction). I think I used $13 in ECB, but ended up getting $15 ECB back. Nice!

I know that's enough information to make your head explode... but it's really not that hard, I promise. And once you get started, it can be a little addicting. Saving money is not really a bad vice to have, is it?


Tracy1918 said...

You are motivating me to get back into my savings groove!

Before diagnosis, I was GREAT about doing that CVS thing and whatnot.....but the past several months, it's just been too much.

HOWEVER, I have saved coupons the past couple weekends, so I WILL GET BACK ON TRACK! : )

Thank you for the inspiration!

Joanne said...

Tracy - the same thing happened to me after Elise's dx. I even let some ECB expire (gasp, the horror!). It took me almost a year to get back into it, although I'm not as good as I used to be. I do love when I hit the jackpot, though!

Meri said...

I'm slowly steps. Last week I had 5ecb and a coupon for 5 off a 25 purchuse. I got 30 worth of stuff for 20 dollars. AND it saved me a trip to the next town over to Target.

I know you are proud...I know it! I know I have a long way to go, but little victories are nice!

HeyJade said...

You are wonder woman! I struggle w/CVS & Walgreen deals. I never 'need' the things that offer the ECB so I can't get 'em racked up. Or I go armed and ready w/coupons and knowing exactly what I'm looking for from the saving blogs and all of THOSE items are completely gone 'cuz the other couponers beat me to it and bought out the store.

Anonymous said...


phonelady said...

wow you rock girl !!! If the cvs was not so rude here I would shop there , but alas they have some of the ruddest people working there and I have contacted corporate about them and nothing was ever done so I choose not to spend money there . You rock though you really do .