Wednesday, July 7, 2010

things Elise says

I love that my girl loves to talk. She comes by it quite naturally, really. When she opens her mouth, I never know what she's going to say. Here are a few of my favourites from the last few months or so:

I need a bra for my boobies - She pulled this gem out at Target a few months ago while walking around holding a bra up to her chest. Awesome, no?

Sweetheart, do you need some help? - She likes to ask our dog Seven this for some reason. The sweetheart thing is what tickles me so much.

You are amazing, I am Elise - I like my new nickname.

Fancy Luke - This is the name she has given to any and all squirrels she sees. No, I don't know why.

We were sitting watching the Olympics back in February, when a promo for the evening news came on. There was a clip of Brian Williams from a newscast where he says, "I'm Brian Williams." Elise looked at the TV and replied, "I'm Elise (and our last name).

I love you sooooo much. I love your big nose too! - Hee hee... she said this one to Fred one day.

Elise: What's wrong, Momma?
Me: I'm just tired, little bean.
Elise: It's okay Momma, I'm here and I will hold you (giving me a hug)

I need something to have
- She says this at night sometimes after we put her to bed. It's one of her many stalling techniques.

I cannot sit anywhere!
- This is what she says if she wants to sit exactly where you are sitting.... no matter is there is ample room elsewhere.

My Poppa is a good man. He gets me a snack and checks my blood sugar and pokes my finger and when my blood sugar is low he feeds me banana and goldfish. Poppa is a good man. - Elise said this to me one night as I was giving her some food for a low blood sugar. She then told me I was a good lady.


The Crazy Pancreas said...

She is adorable!

I love the things kids say, they are so cute!

I love how she said she would hold you because you were tired, how adorable is that?!

Liz Sobolik said...

awwwwww, I love it when you post Elise quotes!!

phonelady said...

Oh I know I loved this little girl for a reason . she is so bright is she not ? man if you ever need to send her somewhere my house is available LOL !!! I love what she says to seven that is my favorite and the brian williams one kills me . LOL !!!

Meri said...

Good thing we don't live close to eachother, because I would have to march over to your house and pinch those cute little cheeks! Good thing, because she probably wouldn't like me if I did that...

Tracy1918 said...

Love it! She sounds adorable!

I'm so glad you're keeping track by writing these down on the blog!

I kept a list on my computer and it's such fun to go back and look at them. Your post inspired me to do just that----WITH Matthew. He loved seeing how funny he was.

You'll love doing that with Elise one day! : )