Sunday, July 4, 2010

Things I love and miss about Vancouver

I guess this post brings an end to our Vancouver adventure. I can't believe it's already been a month since we were there. These are just a few of the many, many things I miss about my hometown:

  • How late it stays light in the summer. Yeah, it's hard to argue with your two year old when you're trying to put her to bed at 9:30, and she says to you, "but it's still daytime!" But I love those extra hours of sunlight at night. I have some very fond memories of playing softball at 10:00 pm, and it's still light out.

  • Vinegar with french fries... YUM! And you don't even have to ask the waiter/ess for it and endure the strange looks you get. It's just sitting there RIGHT ON THE TABLE!
  • How much it rains. Yes, I miss the rain, and I will take it over 100+ degree Texas weather any day. You won't feel sick (or even perhaps die) from playing out too long in the rain.
  • How much I love the outdoors. This one is hard for me. I feel happiest when I am surrounded by trees, oceans, rivers and mountains. At one point on our hike to Narin Falls, Elise asked me why I was smiling, and I told her that the sound of a rushing river makes me happy. She thought for a moment and said, "it makes me happy too." I think my soul dies a little more each day that I spend in Texas
  • Nanaimo Bars... oh yum these are so good. The funny thing is, people from other parts of Canada don't even know what they are... they are truly a West Coast thing. I make these at home from time to time, but there's nothing like walking into a bakery and being able to buy one.

  • People and their dogs. Wym, you should never go to Vancouver. As I like to say, everybody and their dog has a dog. Elise was in heaven with all the new furry friends she made.

  • Different languages/accents. I love being able to walk down the street and hearing so many different languages spoken, or hearing accents from all over the world. It was all I could do to stop myself from running up to people and asking them where they were from. Yes, I am such a nerd.
We had such an amazing time in Vancouver, and I am counting the days until I get to go back.

Here's one last pic I found on our other camera. In the village up in Whistler, we found this cool little playground with a very interesting swing. I totally wanted to take a turn!


htimm=) said...

Hey I am from Vancouver (USA). Not quite the same but very close. I always say Vancouver-not BC, Washington-not DC, to those in other parts of the country. I was born in TX so we have some things in common just in reverse. I do love the NW though. I miss the TX sunsets but not much else. We lived in Odessa until I was 8, when we made our way north to WA. I'm always glad to meet a fellow true NW girl even if life has deposited you in another part of the country. =)

phonelady said...

am I weird but those french fries and vinegar things sounds great . I really like that idea . Oh well great post , sounds like you miss canada very much .

Meri said...

vinager on french fries sounds yummy!!

You know what...I miss Canada now...and I only visited there once. :)

HeyJade said...

That swing looks more like a slingshot, like you're gonna just launch her right outta there! Haha!