Tuesday, August 3, 2010

State of the Pregnancy Address

I am at 34 weeks.

I have 5 weeks left to go.

I am only sleeping about two hours a night.

I am uncomfortable.

I have some sort of crud (but it's not serious crud, I saw the doc today).

I have to pee approximately every 45 minutes.

It is 106 degrees today. It was about the same temperature yesterday. And the day before.

Apparently it feels like 110.

The 7 day forecast calls for temperatures above 100 degrees every day.

One thing you never want to hear a weatherman say in regard to hot weather: "no end in sight."

I never want to be pregnant during the summer in Texas again.

Despite all my complaining, I am blessed and thankful for this pregnancy.

That is all.


AjsMommy82 said...

Loving your baby bump! I LOVED being pregnant in the summer...HOWEVER our summers are in the 70-80's :D

phonelady said...

yep gotta love the baby bump and hope all goes well with L&D . can you tell I am the sister of an L&D nurse ? LOL !! My sister is the biggest mess and she works for mass general she loves mass and would never leave . she likes snow too . take care dear .

Tracy1918 said...

Are you going to get mad at me when I tell you my husband is a weatherman.

And I used to do the weather, too?

Kevin and I always say we're in marketing....God's in manufacturing! LOL

Stay cool!

Joanne said...

Tracy, I blame you and your husband for this weather. DO SOMETHING!!!

Laura said...

OMG - did some of my family crud rub off on you????????? I'm so sorry!!
It is FREAKING hot out there.

建茂恒霖 said...


Lora said...

lOOkin gOOd mAmA!! Wow, only 5 more weeks to go. Time is going so fast!!!

Meri said...

Heat and pregnacy do not mix. It isn't right Joanne. I wish I could bring some of the San Francisco fog to Texas for you!