Saturday, August 28, 2010

The end is in sight

A week and a half.

That's all I've got left until Mattias makes his grand entrance. To say I'm ready for this little guy to be born is like saying... you know, I don't even have an analogy. I'm THAT ready.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled beyond belief to be pregnant, it's just that this pregnancy has been a tad difficult. Let's take a look back...

In January, I find out I'm pregnant. I also find out my thyroid gland has gone nuclear on me. A normal TSH should be between 1 - 5. Mine was 75, meaning I was severely hypothyroid.

Then the barfing stared. Like, every day. Not as much as with Elise, mind you... but still. Consider that one of the indicators of being hypothyroid is gaining weight, and I managed to lose 10 pounds in my first trimester.

Then there was the strep throat. 'Nuff said.

At the end of trimester #1, just as I was feeling like food was not my enemy, I got food poisoning. I did not leave my bed for 33 hours and lost 6 pounds in two days.

The second trimester was amazingly low-key. Except that Texas decided to ramp it up and have one of the hottest summers since we moved here. Seriously... I almost forgot what outside looked like.

I got to experience the joys of carrying low and the fact that it wreaks havoc on your bladder. It's not that I don't enjoy visiting the bathroom every 45 minutes, it's just that I do have a lot of other things to do.

In the third trimester, I caught a stomach bug, ended up getting very dehydrated and had to be admitted to the hospital for about 7 hours to get an IV and some shots to stop labour. That was all sorts of fun.

The last two fun events, I haven't written about yet. Last Monday we went to the Rangers game. On the hottest night of the year. When temperatures at 8:00 pm were still hovering around 100. Let's just chalk it up to pregnancy hindering my judgement.

I started having a few contractions and by the end of the game, they were 2 minutes apart and getting to the point where I couldn't talk while I was having one. I seriously thought that this was it. I called the on-call doc, who gave me a bunch of suggestions on what I could do at home to try and stop the process. Thankfully it worked... but I had visions of rushing to L&D at 11:00 pm with Elise in tow.

Then today... as I was making Elise's dinner, I dropped a big dinner plate and as it shattered, one of the pieces sliced into my foot. Copious amounts of blood and screaming ensued. It finally stopped bleeding after pressure and elevation, but WOW does it hurt and it's pretty hard to walk on.

Hopefully during the last 10 days I will avoid getting hit by a car, contracting SARS, or anything else that would be that proverbial cherry on the top of this pregnacy sundae.

But again... thrilled to be pregant. And even more thrilled that it's almost over.


Kim said...

Hey Joanne,

So incredibly sorry it's been so tough. :( I did have a funny thought run through my head. It falls in line with my thought that everything, and I mean everything, in pregnancy has some sort of preparation purpose for parenthood.

Ex #1: Barfing...making it easier to withstand your child's barf.
Ex #2: Extreme exhaustion, slowly but surely prepares you to learn to function with the extreme exhaustion that comes from early parenting.
Ex #3: All the weird things our bodies are doing that we don't understand help us learn how to prep so that we can ask the doctor a million questions in a 15 min visit and how to use the on-call nurse help line because we don't know what it the world is going on and most certainly hate to feel helpless.

And the list goes on and on. Well, back to my funny thought, which was, I guess God is getting her ready to have a boy. I'm not sure what about your list made me think that, but it did.

I can tell you that boys are awesome! But from what I hear, they get hurt more often. Josiah just bit it big time today and scraped up his knee pretty bad. He hates getting hurt and even more so, us touching his hurts. Makes first aid oh so fun when it takes 3 people to clean a wound. :-)

Anyway, sorry for the long comment, and we are praying for a quick and very easy delivery.

Love you, friend!

phonelady said...

Yes I hope that anymore catastrophes are avoided . Wow you certainly have had an eventful past couple of months . I hope the next event welcomes mattias .

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

well at least you can say you will never forget these months! :o)

here's praying he comes into this world w/ease and there is nothing but calm sailing from here on out!

girltravelor said...

Oh, Jo I am so sorry! I hope you have a fantastic last 10 days and much healthier too! Hey, I can rarely get on blogger these days, so when he finally makes his appearance, send me a note sometime afterwards, okay? Thinking of you!

Amanda said...

Yes I must agree that you'll physically feel better after little Mattias gets out of the womb. My 2nd pregnancy was much tougher than the first. Now our 2nd son is 6 wks old and a sweet little treat and gets better each day. NOW just enjoy the sweet time that you have with E one on one b'c it is a great challenge juggling time between the 2 kids now.