Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you Chick-fil-a!

So what do you call something that far exceeds your expectations into a whole new realm of awesomeness? I call it Team Elise Night at Chick-fil-a.

Tracy Matlock and the Southlake Chick-fil-a went above and beyond for us and I am so thankful for their support. Even more amazing is the number of friends that came out to "Eat Mor Chikin" with us. Some people drove 45 minutes to come see us. Some I hadn't seen in almost three years. Everybody came out eager to eat some good food and support a worthy cause while they were at it.

At last count I think we had over 120 friends (kids and adults) come join us. And that's not counting friends that went through the drive-thru, or friends of friends. I'm not sure on the exact total of what was raised, but we should have that number in the next few days.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see us. You have no idea what it means to Fred and I to be surrounded by so many people cheering us on. I think Elise said it best today during a conversation we had:

Me: Did you have fun last night with all your friends at Chick-fil-a?
Elise: Yeah... I loved all the people. Why so many people come to play with me?
Me: Well... I'd have so say it's because they love you... you are one very loved little girl, did you know that?
Elise: Yeah, that's amazing!

It sure is Elise.

Here are some fun pictures we took of the event... enjoy!



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Jade =) said...

Ok, the conversation with Elise made me tear up. She is so sweet and soooo loved!!! We had so much fun getting to see everyone too!

phonelady said...

so glad it was a success . Im thrilled for all of you and I hate the fact that we have to hold events like this to find a cure instead of our government pouring money into research and cures , they are pouring it into building bombs . It makes me ill .

Laura said...

Hey - I see the back of my head. Woot-Woot!!

Ben said...

That is so awesome especially the conversation! She is definitely VERY loved!!!!

Janice said...

We had a great time!!! So glad the turnout was so great! Yes, we all love Elise very much:-)