Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is the Economy Really THAT Bad?

Tough day today. Elise has been pretty sick this week, and it all came to a head today. My day consisted of:
  • Holding a clingy, feverish baby most of the morning while trying to check her sugars, check for ketones, and juggle calls from the pedi's office and the endo's office. At some point I recall eating an apple.
  • Taking said baby to the pedi's, and watching them inflict torturous exams on her while she screamed and struggled in my arms. Unfortunately her regular doc was off today so we had to see a doc that was a total stranger to Elise. This did not help matters.
  • Return home, and hold a clingy, feverish baby the rest of the afternoon.

Didn't leave much time for the making of dinner. When Fred came home, I asked if he minded me running a few errands. As a thank you, I told him I'd pick up some Chick-fil-a (his absolute favourite - the man would eat it every day if possible) on my way back. My errands took me to Southlake, so I hit up the Chick-fil-a there.

Because their drive-thru is always packed, I parked and went inside to order. As I was placing my order, the guy interrupted me to tell me he could give me the chicken, but no fries. Pardon? Because English was totally not his first language, I thought something might have been lost in translation. What I asked him to repeat himself, he told me the same thing and then looked at me like this was totally normal.

I looked around, and a customer at another register was receiving fries. And I could see fries stacked up in the little fry container holder-thingy. I even saw an employee dumping fresh fries into the fry bin. So I pointed and asked, "Um, aren't those fries?"

At this point he gets the manager who explains to me that those fries are already spoken for. He then walks away. At this point I'm starting to wonder if I'm on some hidden camera show, because it all seems so weird. The cashier looks at me expectantly, and I try once more. "You really have no fries?"

Another employee walking by tells me that they've run out. All the fries are gone. No fries for you (okay I added that last part myself)!

Is there some sort of fry shortage because of the bad economy? Should I start hoarding fries? Is the price of fries going to soar so only people like Paris Hilton (who probably wouldn't be caught dead eating a french fry) can afford them? I'm a little bit worried.

So what do I do? I grab a handful (or five) of their mints, leave, and drive to the Grapevine location; where the fries flow like rainfall in Vancouver.


Kim said...

Wow. Sorry about the tough day. But thanks for the laugh. The economy leads to fry shortage. I can just envision it now: "CNN reports there is a fry shortage and warns of hoarding. Lines are two hours long just to get the daily allotment of 10 fries each." :-)

Val said...

I say we boycott Southlake just all together. They seem to have "non Southlake resident radar".
Bummed that you're having such a tough time managing Elise's disease. It makes me sad, but I have faith that we will find a cure, and that even before then she will rally and do better. Love you :)

HeyJade said...

I'm sorry poor little Elise is feeling so bad...I hope she is on an up-swing now for you guys, I'm sure you could totally use the break.

The great Waffle Fry trees must be going extinct due to global warming...that's my guess!

Fred Cunha said...

BTW, Joanne is NOT joking or exagerating ... I would eat Chick-fil-A every day if I could :^)