Sunday, December 14, 2008

She did WHAT?

After a rough night with Elise (waking up at midnight and not going back to sleep until about 4:30 a.m.), we woke up to a bit of a surprise this morning. We awoke to hearing her chatting quietly to herself this morning. It was about 8:15, a FULL 30 minutes later than she usually wakes up. Gee Elise, thanks for that early Christmas present. Anyway, that's not the surprise.

While we were getting ready to go get her out of her crib, we hear a small thud. It sounded like she was pounding on the wall, something she's done a million times, so we didn't think anything of it. We walk down the hallway and notice her door was closed, not cracked open like we usually leave. Huh, that's weird.

Well, we open the door and were aghast to see Elise wandering around her room! Somehow she had gotten out of her crib. We never heard her cry after the thud, and we have no idea how she even managed to get out. The railing comes up to about her shoulders, and there is NO WAY she has the upper body strength to hoist herself out of the crib.

How did this happen? How do I stop it from happening again? She's only 15 months old, isn't that a little young for this? Anybody???


Kim said...

That's pretty funny. And yep, we've had those nights. And Josiah was a climber, so he would find anything he could stand on to give him that extra height. Then he would swing his legs arm strength needed. She may have landed on her feet or done a roll down, thus no head-bonking tears.

If you don't want her to do it, then do whatever you do to train her not to touch something. Talk with her. Tell her there will be consequences. And then give them when you see her trying it. I used a flick on the hand when Josiah was 2 and under. It was just enough pain to think, "Hmmm....I didn't like that."

We didn't move Josiah to a big boy bed until he was two, but I knew other families that did a toddler bed earlier with a gate at the door to keep them from coming out of their room to early in the morning.

Joanne said...

But how do I tell her not to do it if I'm not chatching her in the act? I don't think she'll get it if I tell her after the fact.

I would have thought the fall alone would have scared her enough to make her cry. This little girl has no fear!!!

AmyRay said...

Hey Joanne! Lily did this same trick about 3 weeks ago! No thud at all. She was already crying, not happy to be IN her bed, and all of a sudden the crying started getting closer, and her she comes walking down the hall, PISSED OFF!!! We lowered the bed to the lowest level, and she has stayed in since. For now,,,

HeyJade said...

Wow, crazy girl! Preston never managed to do that, never even attempted it as far as I know. We just decided to move him to toddler bed at some point.

Emily said...

I'm afraid I don't have any brilliant advice for you. Chloe started climbing out at 18 months (we actually put the video camera in her room and taped her so we could see how she got out...we couldn't believe it...she got in the corner and was able to push herself up enough to get the other leg over). We went ahead and put her in a big girl bed at that point, but that starts a whole new set of issues to deal with. And with Elise being 15 months, I'm not sure that you're ready for that... Has she done it again or was it an isolated occurrence?? I guess it's been a couple days now since you posted this. Hope she hasn't done it again :)