Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Now Where did I put my Bon-bons?

Heh, funny. Funnier still, I know people who could have written this letter...

Thanks to my friend Melissa for sending it my way. I needed a laugh.


Amber S. said...

You mean Elise doesn't bring you Bon Bons? I mean, I have them trained to where one boy brings me a constant supply of truffles and lattes while the other usually rubs my feet. Gabe is still little, so he merely lies there and smiles/coos at me, otherwise never making a peep.


Little Loveys Mom said...

Yeah and then when you add to the more kids...then your free time you use it the way you want. For instance right now Lily is still asleep so instead of calling ppl i'd rather stalk blogs.. yippee!