Friday, June 12, 2009

my 200th post!

Who knew I would make it this far? I think if you're a reader of this blog, the congrats should really go out to you for sticking with me for this long. There's really a whole lot of nothing that gets churned out on this blog.

Keeping with the theme of nothing, I thought I'd share 200 facts about me in honour of my 200th post. Kidding. Seriously... nobody should have to sit through something like that. Instead, enjoy 20 Joanne-facts. See how I did that? I just dropped a zero. Man, am I clever.

1. My first concert ever was The Cure. Let's hear it for teen angst!

2. I really, really want to be on a game show. Something like "Wheel of Fortune" or "Millionaire", you know... where there's a wee bit of skill involved. Shows like "Deal or No Deal", where people basically get money for showing up are stupid.

3. I have a screw in my chin and a pin under my left cheek bone. I used to have another pin under my right cheek bone and titanium plates in my legs.

4. I hate to admit this, but I seldom read non-fiction books. For me, reading is pure escape, and it frustrates me to have to learn stuff when I'm checking out of reality. Interestingly enough, I like to watch TV to learn stuff. I think with most people they use TV for escape, and books to learn.

5. I once met Jean Chr├ętien when he was the Prime Minister of Canada. I don't remember much about it except that I think I mumbled something in french to him.

6. The only reality show I would ever dream of being on is the Amazing Race. I really think I'd be their ideal contestant. Take away my food and my sleep, and there is no telling what would come out of my mouth. My penchant for having really entertaining flip-outs would be an added bonus. I can go from zero to raging maniac in about 1.5 seconds.

7. I used to play the saxophone.

8. I also was in drama, and sometimes think it would be nice to take part in community theatre. You know, if every single second of my day wasn't already taken up with something else.

9. I once got my hand caught in a cigarette machine at a restaurant. They had to call the fire department to get me unstuck. All I wanted were some matches, I swear.

10. I am afraid of heights, but jumped off a 30 foot waterfall in Hawaii. Three times. It just seemed like the thing to do.

11. I love action movies... especially ones where things get "blowed up". Needless to say, I loved the Die Hard series. I also like sci-fi and hate romantic movies. Sometimes I'm more of a boy than Fred.

12. I once woke up and had breakfast in France, lunch in Belgium, dinner in the Netherlands, and fell asleep in Germany. And yes, all in the same day!

13. I'm not really superstitious at all, but I don't like the number 13.

14. I can speed read. It takes me about two hours to read a 400 page book. But I am starting to slow down in my old age.

15. One time at a grocery store I got over $120 worth of groceries and paid under $2 for it.

16. Out of the 3 cars I've ever owned, 2 have been manuals. If given the choice between manual and automatic, I would chose manual every time.

17. I can play racquetball, tennis, and ping pong with either hand. I can also switch hit in softball. I have more power with the right, but better accuracy with the left. I shoot left when playing hockey, and I'm right-footed in soccer.

18. I once got pulled over by a cop for speeding, not wearing a seat belt (yeah, I know), and an illegal lane change. The guy knew my Dad and let me off; laughing at me the entire time.

19. I was almost named Heidi, after the family dog.

20. I was the fastest girl in my elementary school, and the second fastest kid. It was my dream to be able to beat Steven Howitt in a race, but that guy was a running machine. I bet I could have beaten him up, though.

Annnnnd, I'm done. I bet that was 5 minutes of your time you wish you had back. Don't you hate people that think they are waaaaaaay more interesting than they really are? Yeah, me too.


Val said...

Ok, I have lots to say about all of this but I'm late for my Fri night date. So I'll be back. But for now, what the heck about #3? I'm gonna need that scoop for sure next time we have coffee. You're practically bionic.

christygirl said...

Oh come are totally interesting and you know it. Other positively riveting facts: I too used to play sax AND I love to drive a stick shift. Feel the power. Do you read these comments? I often wonder if cool bloggers actually have time to read all those comments. When are we hanging out again? Ha! Now I'll know if you read my comment!