Tuesday, June 2, 2009

La la la, I can't hear you

We have been having some nap trouble here in our little household. I keep trying to fall asleep, but that darn Elise is just too loud.


But we are having issues with her waking up only 30 - 45 minutes into her nap, screaming. As I was seeking a friend's advice about it the other day, I said to her, "at least she falls asleep without a fight. She's out within 5 minutes of me putting her down."

You know how you sometimes jinx things by talking about them? Yeah. That must be what happened because for the last two days, along with waking up screaming after 30 minutes, Elise now has an opening act of screaming for 30 minutes.

As I'm typing this, she just stopped screaming Mãe for over 40 minutes. Either she fell asleep, or I've gone deaf.

At this point, either option is lovely.


Sara said...

Yuck. Sorry about that!! Having an interesting little napper myself, I understand how frustrating this is!!! Hopefully it is a short phase!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. And yes, we do prunes. They are quite effective -- so effective in fact that I have to give him less now and/or mix them with bananas.

emily said...

hi, I'm Nate's mom. He talks about you two, actually 3 now, a lot, and I just linked to your blog, which is very interesting. especially since the very first one I read is about a screaming child at nap time.....ahhh now THAT takes me back a few years, about 32 to be exact. Of course the reason I linked is your blog name......since I am seemingly quickly approaching said senility, I wondered who else was writing about such a charming topic! And yes, I also love ogden Nash. good stuff. By the way, check elise for night terror, (which will go away). Maybe Nate remembers. otherwise email me.