Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 Things I bet you didn't know about Blog

1. It took me awhile to decide on Blog's name. Just like naming your baby, choosing the right name for your blog is important. It needs to fit your personality. Be catchy, but not throw-up-in-your-mouth cutesy. "Come on in, the Senilty is Fine" is the title of a poem by American poet, Ogden Nash. I've always loved his humorous wit, and the way he translates it into verse. They should seriously make a children's book out of some of his poetry.

2. I also had trouble thinking of an address for blog. I wanted it to be something that was easy to remember. But apparently I'm not all that original, because some of my favourites were already being camped on. One of them hasn't been written on since 2005 or so. Stupid squatters. Here were some of my favourites; eh2zed.blogspot, bigballofcrazy.blogspot, mykingdomforahorse.blogspot, and thisismyblogspot.blogspot (a take off on this is my dog spot). I decided on miscellaneoust.blogspot because I use misct as my "internet name", plus Miscellaneous T is the name of an album by the awesome They Might be Giants. As an added bonus, I now know how to spell miscellaneous.

3. I mostly write about random thoughts that pop into my melon, but seldom do update-on-my-life posts.

4. I do have two recurring posts that I do;
favourite things, and daily picture rejects.

Rants are my absolute favourite posts to write.

6. I did struggle with the decision to post pics of Elise, and using our names. But then I realized nobody gives a poop who I am, and the people who read blog are people I know. And I'm already well aware who the crazies are. I am careful about being too specific about where I live. This is so my in-laws don't know where to come visit. I kid, I kid! They already know.

7. Blog loves it when people leave comments. This makes blog very happy.

8. I get my best ideas for blog at about 2:00 am. Only once did I get up to actually write
this post. Now I keep a pen and paper beside the bed so I can jot down my ideas. Such as they are.

9. I try not to use bad words, but crap and suck in various forms (sucktastic, crap-sandwhich) are staples of my writing. I can't help it, they make me laugh.

10. Did I mention that comments are like chocolate to blog?


MaRia said...

my kids love the TMBG album "here come the abc's"
have you heard it?
from one of the crazies in #6 :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you refer to your blog as Blog. =)

Sara said...

a comment for thee.