Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm it!

I am so excited... I was tagged! I've never been tagged before. Woo! Penny, from My son has diabetes put the slap on me, so here it goes... I think I just peed my pants a little.

Eight things I’m looking forward to….
-Finding a cure for Elise and everyone suffering from diabetes
-Going ANYWHERE on vacation
-Fall, or at least cooler and less humid weather
-The JDRF walk in September
-Taking Elise to see the ocean or mountains
-Getting a pump for Elise
-Getting pregnant and having another baby
-Just one day when Elise will nap for more than 45 minutes and doesn't wake up crying

Eight things I did yesterday…
-Played hide and seek with Elise
-Watched the Canucks lose to Chicago (boo)
-Walked the dog
-Cursed diabetes when I had to keep Elise home from a play date at the park with some friends and their kids because Elise's BG was 504 and she had moderate ketones
-Wondered how Elise's BG can go from 504 to 57 in less than 6 hours and no extra insulin on board
-Hand washed my dishes

Eight things I wish I could do…
-Cure diabetes
-Take Elise to Vancouver to meet my Dad, my brothers and my friends
-Play the guitar better
-Take wonderful pictures
-Get a full nights sleep
-Be independently wealthy
-Be better organized

Eight shows I watch…
-Amazing Race
-Stanley Cup playoffs
-Law & Order
-Law & Order SVU
-30 Rock
-The Office

Eight people I want to read 8 things about…
-Maria (On the Carousel of Time)
-Hannah (Diabetic Dilemma)
-Jade (Your Head is Punk)
-Amber (My Cup Runneth Over)
-Val (In My Backyard)
-Laura (Mommy Moments)
-Laura(Should you be Reading This)
-Christy (On the most Intimate Terms)

I am cross posting this on my other blog because there are people I listed above that read this blog, but not my other one and vice versa. This was fun, thanks Penny!