Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is the econmy THAT bad?

You know what I hate? Stupid people.

You know what I hate even more? Stupid people that steal our stuff.

You know what I hate most out of all of these? Stupid people that steal our stuff that they could otherwise get for free if they just made an effort.

I came out of my house a few Mondays ago to find only one of our two blue recycling boxes missing. Fred looked up and down the street, but it appeared as though some thief had absconded with it. This is annoying on so many levels, least of which that we now had too much recyclables and not enough receptacle.

Fast forward about a week, and we now have a spiffy new landmark in our garage; the Leaning Tower of Plastic (and aluminum, and cardboard, etc). How am I supposed to live with only one blue box? And what kind of a person steals them?

The only reason my muddled brain can come up with as to why someone would make off with our recycling box is because someone took theirs, so they in turn, helped themselves to ours. It can't be for the reason we used to "borrow" our neighbour's boxes as kids; when you pack them full of snow, they make wonderful bricks for snow forts. Perhaps one of our neighbours is making himself a good ol' dirt fort, or something. Who knows?

Anyway, you know what I love? Living in a city that, even though I called the water department because I had the bill downstairs and I was too lazy to go upstairs and look on the internet for the phone number for whatever department handles recycling, the lady who picked up the phone (and it was a real person who picked it up, no annoying "press-one-for-this" menus) answered my question on how to get a new box, as well as giving me directions to the office, and telling me the hours of operation.

Do you think you can install Lo-Jack on a recycling box? I might just try it.