Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The return of These are a Few of my Favourite Things; This time it's personal

I'm not famous, so I don't really have any fear that semi-embarrassing (or totally embarrassing, for that matter) pictures of me will show up on the net where vast quantities of people could see them. I really don't have any pictures out there to be embarrassed of, save for some "hairstyles-of-the-80s" class pictures.

Anyway, this website is hilarious. Called Awkward Family Photos, I think the name speaks for itself.

And if I ever find pictures of me on there, I will hunt down the guilty party and make you watch The Collective Works of Elise Doing Various Stuff. Total run-time: about 20 million hours.

You have been warned.


MaRia said...

These are hysterical!!

Val said...

I think "mommy the pooh" was my favorite. Sad. Wonder what kind of payoff the dad got?