Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stupid, stupid, stupid

I'll just warn you ahead of time; if you're a bit squeamish, there's a somewhat gross picture at the end of this post...

Today I was opening a toy I bought for Elise because she has been such a trooper with her shots lately. We were sitting in the parking lot at Toys R Us, and I thought it would be nice for Elise to be able to play with her new toy on the drive home. So I got out a Swiss Army knife that I have in my glove compartment and starting cutting those annoying, grey, twisty wires that grace the packaging of every child's toy; whether it needs them or not.

And yes I know; aim the knife away from your body, away from your body. But today I was stupid, and although I abhor stupidity like this, I also have my moments. You know where this is going, don't you?

Right. The knife slipped and sliced off a sizable chunk off the heel of my left hand. It was quite awful to be standing in a parking lot with blood dripping off of my arm, my 21-month old in the car needing to get home because it was almost dinner time and she needed to get her shot, and me not quite knowing what to do. Luckily my husband works about 10 minutes away and came to my rescue. We finally got it to stop bleeding after about 20 minutes, and he followed me home.

I'm now finding out how difficult it is to do life one-handed. It's a good thing it's not my dominant hand, but I'm not quite sure how I'm going to give Elise her shot tomorrow. I'll tell you this, it has made typing out this post slow and painful.

Another not-so-great thing about this was the number of people that walked right by me in the parking lot as I was standing there trying to get it to stop bleeding. They looked, but not one person stopped to offer help.

Because I look like the type of person that would stand in a Toys R Us parking lot and pretend to bleed, just so I can trick someone into approaching me, giving me the opportunity to steal their purse or something.

Harumph. Okay, yucky picture coming up...


HeyJade said...

Holy moo cows, that is quite a slice indeed! You said it was bad, but I didn't visualize it THAT bad. I'm glad you didn't pass out in the parking lot...I totally would have! Geez! I pray it heals quickly!