Saturday, July 4, 2009

Daily Picture Reject #10

I know every parent thinks their child is the be-all-and-end-all-oh-my-goodness-have-you-EVER-seen-a child-more-adorable-than-this-cutest-thing-in-the-entire-known-universe. I know I do.

Mostly because random strangers come up and tell us this. A lot. One person even told me that my daughter should be doing commercials because she would buy whatever Elise is selling.

After convincing myself that I should not exploit this person's good taste by telling her that Elise is, in fact, selling water-front property on the moon and if she could just make the cheque out to cash, thankyouverymuch; I pondered a career in acting for my daughter but quickly decided it was not a good idea (Fred said no).

But just look at the above Daily Picture Reject. Just look at how excited Elise is about those nose drops she's holding. Wouldn't you buy a saline nasal rinse system from that face?

Just make the cheque out to cash, if you don't mind.

I haven't posted one of these in awhile, so here's the official explanation:
For those of you unsure what the Daily Picture Reject is: Fred and I take a daily picture of Elise. Rather, I do. This is not because we are prepping our daughter for a life as a super model. It is simply a way to hold onto memories as time slips by at ultra-sonic speed. It's also pretty cool to see how much she has changed in 669 days. After I take the picture, I email it to Fred, who then posts it on his website. It usually takes about 10 to 15 shots to get just the right picture. I am not what you would call a stellar photographer, so about 25% of those are completely unusable. Then there are always one or two that crack me up, but aren't suitable for the daily picture. Hence, the Daily Picture Reject!


Teresa said...

Of course my input as a very proud granma maybe suspicious, but, SHE IS PRICELESS!!
Lots of love

Sara said...

I love the daily pics! And nasal spray is sounding very appealing to me at the moment.