Thursday, July 9, 2009

Had a Bad Day

To celebrate the suckiness of this day, I decided to title this post with the name of a rather horrific song, just so it would get stuck in your head. Yes, I am evil that way. Impolite and evil.

Why did your day suck, Joanne? Because diabetes is a terrible, sucktastic, crappola of a disease and I really wish it could manifest itself as a person so I could kick it in the groin, thank you for asking. And yes, I am well aware that I have a preoccupation with kicking/kneeing/punching people in the groin. What can I say... I grew up with two brothers. Sometimes the best defense is a good offence. Ka-POW!

Anyway, as soon as Fred got home from work, I let him know that for the sake of my sanity and safety of any nearby groins, I was going to have to leave the house allbymyself. I had no destination in mind, I just went.

As is often the case, I wound up at Target. Maybe it was destiny. Maybe it was the wind. Probably it's my deep love and appreciation for the giant red bulls eye. Into Target I went and we all know how cathartic spending money can be. Especially when everything you buy was 50-75% off. It felt good.

I got back into my car and continued my journey to a nearby mall... and didn't run over the man who thought jay-walking across a 6 lane, extremely busy road was a good idea. Not running him over felt good.

I then ran a red light. It was iffy at best if I could have stopped... but I didn't. And it felt good.

In the parking lot of the mall, I didn't make fun of the girl who was wearing one of those stupid scarves around her neck in the 104 degree Texas heat. Well, not out loud anyway. In my brain I had a good chuckle at her expense. Yup, it felt good.

I walked by a Cinnabon, but decided against the ooey, gooey, decedent goodness of a cinnamon roll. And you know what? That felt good.

As did seeing my husband and daughter at the mall because he had brought her there to ride the carousel as a treat. He had no idea that I was there, and in the hour or so that I had been away from them, I found that I missed them.

I also found that a few small feel-good things can totally erase the crap of a bad day.

And you know what? That feels good too.


Joana said...

Hi Joanne, I am all caught up on my aunty Joanne blog reading! I have not had the chance to read your blogs lately and I'm so happy I finally stole a little time to catch up! The video of Elise having a full grown-up conversation with you is priceless! And the video of her singing "baby beluga" and "saia da Carolina" - so cute! xxxx tia Joana

p.s. thank you for making me laugh so much (as always)!

emily said...

by the way, i just read your column from june about the leaning tower of laundry, and the one part about finding sweaters (and corduroy and mittens) in there, and it is june....sounds normal to me!!

Val said...

I kept meaning to come back and comment -read this the other day on my iPhone. The only thing I would have done different is I would have knocked down anyone in line at Cinnabon and gone for it. That's just me :)

I'm glad you have a Freddie in your life so that you can escape like that. You should probably do it more often.