Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A nap! A nap! My kingdom for a nap!

It seems to me I've been rather quiet of late on this blog. Mostly because life with a toddler leaves very little down time to write. Especially when said toddler thinks that one one-hour nap a day is adequate. Today her nap was 45 minutes and I'm writing this as she brings me lotion, a nasal aspirator and other sundry items from her room.

Yes, today I am THAT Mom... ignoring her child so I can write on my blog. Actually, she seems quite pleased with her little game, and as long as she's not out of my line of vision for too long, or screaming, I'll indulge her. *Snicker*, give me my Mom of the year award now.

I am fresh off of a weekend from hell. Think a collective 4 hours sleep for both Friday and Saturday nights while tending to a child that is screaming during the night with sky-high blood sugar, and you'll get a glimpse of what my weekend was like. By Sunday I felt like running out into the street so I could get hit by a car, and taken to a hospital, where I could finally get some rest. I think my IQ lowers by a full 50 points when I'm tired.

Right now Elise is trying to give Seven some nose drops so she can use the aspirator on her. I think that's my cue to stop ignoring my child and go rescue my dog.