Monday, February 2, 2009

Why yes, I AM a dork!

When I brought Elise downstairs after her nap today, I turned on the TV since I was going to nurse her in a few minutes. It takes a few seconds for the picture and sound to turn on. So I went into the kitchen to check Elise's blood sugar, and all of a sudden, I started hearing voices. No, not in my head (at least, not this time), but from another part of my house!

"Oh my gosh, " I thought, "Someone is IN MY HOUSE!" I went into Momma Bear mode. I would knee him in the groin, while simultaneously cracking him on the noggin with a sauce pan, all the while protecting my daughter.

As I was forming this devious plan, I peaked around the corner, and that's when I figured out who the voice of the intruder belonged to.

It was Howie Mandel of Deal or No Deal. I had totally forgotten that I'd turned the TV on, and since it's on so rarely during the day, I didn't realize that's where the voice was coming from.

As the Blog header states, "Come on in, the senility is fine."


Little Loveys Mom said...

ohhh man that was funny! glad to know i'm not alone...the other day i threw some towels on the banister to take downstairs after i finished changing lily...when i came out of her room something caught my eye and i thought it was a was the stupid about heart stopping moment and then a dork moment

HeyJade said...

Bahahahaha, I'm glad you shared that!