Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Fondue Fun-Do

Saturday night, in a very un-Joanne-like move, we hosted a fondue party for a bunch of friends. I say it was un-Joanne-like because those who know me very well, know I HATE entertaining. I think Martha Stewart needs to be banned from the airwaves. And locked up. Not for insider trading, but for giving people unrealistic ideas of what entertaining should look like. No, I WILL NOT fold your napkin so it looks like a swan. And nor will my entree be served looking like some modern art piece.

I don't know why, but the prospect of people coming over to my house makes me itchy. It's not all the work that goes into preparing your house, in a very perverse way I enjoy that. I think it's all the pressure of making sure the people have fun and enjoy themselves. Because we all know that I'm responsible for everything that ever happens, ever.

But our friends Johnny and Kellie were going to be in town, and she wanted to get a bunch of us together. And I love that girl and would seriously do almost anything for her. Including, apparently, having 10 people come and hang out in my house. So no one was more surprised than me to hear the word yes come out of my mouth when she asked.

You know, maybe I'm becoming more relaxed in my old age (or maybe it was the copious amount of wine in the fondue), but it wasn't that big of a deal. I actually ENJOYED it and didn't even go through any of that I'm-so-nervous-and-uptight-and-I-can't-sit-down-and-are-you-sure-you're-having-fun-do-you-need-anything pacing that I usually do during get-togethers at our house. You don't need to say it, I am well aware that I need therapy.

Getting ready for some fondue

Time to eat!

Yummy cheese fondue and Val's model-esqe hand

Elise diggin' Chris on the guitar (on a completely unrelated note, I am fully aware at how horribly my socks clash with my outfit... at least my feet were warm)

Yes, we had a chocolate fountain... jealous much?

Preston and Elise hanging out

Johnny? Whaddya mean Barq's has bite? Johnny? (Heh, I love that commercial!)

So thanks to Johnny & Kellie, Gina, Val & Chris, Jade & Michael, Preston, and Austin & Renate for good food, great fun, lots of laughs and friendship. I may even be up for doing this again in a year or two!


HeyJade said...

We had a great time too. It was the first time in a long time that Preston was with us at a party like this that I actually got to enjoy myself with other adults instead of running around after him trying to keep him out of trouble. He was so enthralled with Elise and her toys that we hardly heard a peep out of him, I kept checking just to make sure he was still in the house! Haha.

So, thanks so much for letting us all come over and enjoy some fondue. And don't worry... you can see my Snoopy socks don't really match what I'm wearing either. Haha!

Kim said...

I'm so proud of you, Joanne. In fact, my secret desire...hmmm...if I tell you, it won't be my prayerful desire is that you will discover the joy of having people in your home, and will one day realize that hospitality is not Martha Stewart perfect, but Jesus perfect...comfortable with your beautiful self and wonderful blessings, and everyone coming in makes their own choice whether to enjoy themselves or not. :-)