Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Countdown: Month 10

Elise finally decided to get up off her butt and crawl this month. And thus ended my days of putting her down and being able to leave the room for a few minutes with the knowledge that she'd pretty much stay exactly where I left her. A moment of silence, please. She also started pulling up on any available object, and thought it was a neat game to sweep everything off of the coffee table and onto the floor. Because a living room floor really does look better with books, magazines and coasters littered all over it. I think it's going to be the new trend this fall for decorating. You heard it here first.

Unfortunately, Elise came down with two more UTIs this month. Her doctor decided it was best to do a CT Scan on Elise so we could see if there was an infection in her kidneys. This meant they needed to sedate Elise. It was hard to put her though all that, and I wasn't even allowed to be in the room as they did the scan. They did let me be with her as she went to sleep, but was it ever tough to walk out of that room. I did ask the anesthesiologist if he could come by our house every day right before nap time. I don't think he got that I wasn't kidding...

Thankfully, the test results all came back normal. It just seems that our little girl is prone to UTIs and hopefully it's something she'll grow out of. Despite not feeling well, Elise continued to be a fun, happy, outgoing little girl. She definitely is one tough cookie!


Kim said...

You make me laugh, Jo. If Elise isn't funny, I will seriously wonder if you and Fred are really her parents. You both are some of the funniest people I know. Hip, hip hooray for Canadian dry humor! :-)