Sunday, September 7, 2008

Worst. Birthday Present. Ever.

Yesterday we found out that Elise has Type 1 Diabetes. She was admitted to Children's Hospital here in Dallas for some testing. We should be here for the next couple of days. Hopefully I'll be able to post more info when I get the time. Right now we ask for your prayers.


Kim said...

We will be praying for sure. I'm so sorry about this news. I will pray also that you will see God's faithfulness as you begin this journey. We love you guys!

~Kim, Eric and Josiah

HeyJade said...

You guys are all definitely in our prayers. We are here if you guys need anything at all, ok?

Emily said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I know it has to have been a pretty bad few days for you guys. You barely had a chance to celebrate her turning 1 and then you're hit with this news. I know your girl is a trooper! I hope that you can settle into your new life of diabetes management smoothly. I'm sure it's going to be tough at first, but praying that the adjustment goes quickly and easily. Take care of your sweet girl!! Emily