Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Birthday Countdown: Month 12

Month 12... the final month before she turns one year old. Elise started saying other words besides hi this month; she added Momma, Poppa, bye, and eye (while pointing at your eye, her eye, her stuffed dog's eye) to her repertoire. She also seemed to understand the concept of hi and bye; using each one in the proper situation. And, of course, always accompanied by a wave. She also started barking like a dog whenever she saw Seven. Or any other dog, stuffed or real. Come to think of it, she barks when she sees a cat, fish or bird too.

Elise decided this month she was big enough to start feeding herself. Not that I let it happen a lot. Because I just don't enjoy scraping food off the ceiling. But she's getting pretty good at it, and can actually get it into her mouth with a little guidance. She also likes to drink from my glass or water bottle. It's pretty funny; she gets so excited when she sees me drink, she opens her mouth really wide and starts panting like a dog (that's Elise speak for "Gimme some!"). Whenever she does get a sip of water (from her cup or mine), she lets out a refreshed little, "Ahhhhh". A little trick she picked up from her Poppa.

Elise is now getting pretty good at walking while holding onto something, and is also an accomplished dancer (as you may have seen already... sorry, this video just cracks me up). Her other new skill from this month is blowing kisses. She is quite adept at getting into everything and anything... especially the kitchen cupboards. I think it might be time for me to come out of baby proofing denial.

And thus ends my birthday countdown. This past your has been a tough, frustrating, amazing, and fantastic journey. I feel very blessed to be Elise's Momma. She has a very independent, but sweet spirit. And a crazy, fun personality too. Thank you Lord, for blessing me with this little girl, she is above and beyond what I prayed for.


Kim said...

Woo-Hoo! Elise and Mommy survived the first year! Praise God!

By the way, the baby proofing turns to toddler proofing turns to preschooler proofing. It's crazy! If you don't believe me, I've got a brown leather couch with pink nail polish painting to sell you! Soooooo of kind artwork by the very famous JTL. :-)