Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Countdown: Month 11

Elise became more and more interactive with other kids this month; waving and saying hi to them when she'd see them in a store. I know most babies like other kids, but with Elise, it's a bit over the top! It's very cute to watch how excited she gets when she spies another baby. With all the arm flapping going on, you'd swear she trying to get airborne! It's definitely convinced me that Elise is not meant to be an only child.

Elise also started standing on her own for a few seconds this month. I noticed when she was holding onto the coffee table, every once in awhile she would let go and balance herself for about 2-3 seconds before grabbing back onto the table. As the days went by, she became more and more brave. Everyone keeps telling me she'll be walking in no time. Insert a sarcastic "yay" here.

With Elise becoming more active, and the weather getting so stupidly hot, this was a very tough month for both of us. Neither of us enjoyed being stuck indoors, and it took it's toll on our moods. I can already tell Elise has a great love for being outside and can't wait for cooler weather so we can play at some of the local parks.

Tomorrow is Elise's last day before she turns one! My tiny baby has become so grown-up. I can remember back to the days when she was only a few months old, and I kept wishing she was older so she would be more interactive and fun. Now that it's here, I long for the days when she would sit still in my arms. Funny how that happens...