Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home Now

We're home from the hospital. About 12 hours ago, the thought of that statement brought tears to my eyes. I was so scared to leave what had become a safe haven.

I am still scared, but I know I have two choices; I can turn tail and run, dissolve into a quivering mass of uselessness, and be of no good to anybody. Or I can dry my tears, tuck my fear away into my back pocket and face this horrible disease head-on. I choose the latter. In my 32 years on this planet, I have discovered I am not one to hide from hardship. I can take care of my daughter to the best of my ability, and rely on the support of those around me when I feel that I cannot go on.

There are some cool stories that have come out of this, and I hope to share them soon. Not only as a reminder for myself on those days when life has taken it's toll, but more so as a glimpse to others of how God is there, even in the depths of our despair.

I'll also share the story of how we discovered Elise had diabetes, it's an interesting one (at least to me), and really shows how your life can change in as little as 12 hours.

If you have called and I haven't gotten back to you, it's not that I've forgotten, I just need some time to rest right now. But you are on my mind and I am very thankful for you. Again, thank you to everyone for your prayers... I have felt them in my weakest moments.


Val said...

We are just minutes away. Please call if you need back up in any way! I'm reading up on this disease and want to be an advocate too:)

Fred said...

I'm on my way home!!! (you made me tear up when I read the post)

Emily said...

I'm so glad that you're finally home! I'm sure that in itself is a relief, but also a challenge. I'm praying that your fear and worry dissipates quickly, although I'm sure that's probably going to be part of your life for awhile. We'll keep praying for you and Fred and especially for Elise. My heart is heavy for you and your sweet girl. Emily

HeyJade said...

Glad you guys got to come home, that your mom got to come be with you and that Fred is currently on his way home to be with ya as well.

The previous post made me tear up a little...it's so hard to be a parent and find out something is wrong with your child that you can't just instantly make better. Can't I just kiss the boo-boo and everything will be alright? Or at least can't I be the one who has to deal with the illness, not them?

Love you guys!!!