Sunday, September 7, 2008


That's the one word that keeps reverberating in my brain. My little girl is broken and I can't fix her. It doesn't matter that I tried to take the very best care of her that I could, there's nothing I can do to thwart this disease from affecting my daughter.

It also describes the state of my heart right now. I know in the grand scheme of things, diabetes is something that is manageable. But who in their right mind would wish a lifetime of finger sticks and insulin shots on their child? The more I learn about the road that lies ahead, the more my heart hurts.

This isn't how it was supposed to be.


Val said...

When I read this news on Twitter yesterday my heart just sank. Then I had to slap myself around a little to remind myself that His ways are not our ways. Still doesn't make it feel right and fair though. I can't imagine what you are feeling. Please know that you have an army behind you, praying for you. We love you guys and especially your little treasure Elise.

Kim said...

I found this website that gives a great overview of what you are up against.

If you get tired of telling everybody what is happening, send them the link. It really does a good job of explaining.

I certainly can see how her multiple UTIs may have played a part. :-(

We'll keep praying. *hugs*

Little Loveys Mom said...

Offering big hugs to you right now. I know all too well the "broken" feeling....
I'm just a phone call away if you need to talk

GO GO Gordons said...

Hey girl!
What the heck????
Doesn't that run in the family?
You know that my mom is a Specialist in this, right?
We are praying for you guys! Hang in there.

The Coles said...
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The Coles said...
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