Monday, December 28, 2009

I think we just might be crazy

It's 6:15 in the evening and we (and by we I mean Fred, because let's be honest here... my part in this whole endeavour is blogging about it) have just started the putting together of Elise's first "big-girl bed".

This whole project actually started about a month ago when we found the perfect bed at The Dump (don't ever shop there - but that's a whole 'nutha story). Elise was so excited at first. But it soon turned to disappointment when we got home and she realized her bed had not magically appeared, all assembled and with mattress and sheets in her room.

Wouldn't it be grand if we lived in such a time where things like that actually happened? I told her that I was still waiting for my flying car, so she would need to have some patience on the bed thing.

Buying a first bed is no easy task. You first need to find a bed you like, and at the right price. Then you need to find a sucker, er friend who has a pick-up to help you get the bed from the store to your house. If you buy it at The Dump, you need about 6 hours of your life that are in dire need of wasting when it comes time to actually pick up the bed.

Besides the bed, you also need a mattress, sheets and comforter; the latter two items also need to fit your decorative tastes. I finally tracked down a quilt set I liked on Target's website (still awaiting delivery), but passed on the matching sheets as most reviewers described them as too scratchy. I swoon at the knowledge of the world-wide-information-super-highway.

I did find some plain white sheets (at 50% off) that should do until I can determine the true colours of the quilt set. But we were having mattress issues. We went to all the Mattress-Sleep-Firm-Giant-Expert stores, and we would leave feeling a wee bit dirty. The closest thing I can compare it to is shopping for a used car.

Then lo and behold, at Costco we found our mattress. For a better price and we didn't have to talk to anyone and left the store smelling as fresh as a daisy.

So with all the elements in place, why not start putting it together only two hours before Elise's bedtime? Because waiting would make all-together too much sense, and we don't got a lot of that around here.

We'll let you know how everything turns out... below is the picture of the pre-bed carnage. Did you know that it's hard to figure out where in a 9x9 room to put a twin-sized bed? Our options are pretty much limited.


phonelady said...

oh i so feel you try putting bunk bed together LOL !!!and a woman and by yourself , not likely got my brother to help that was when he was 3 minutes away . Oh well we do what we have to do . So glad elise is ready for a big girl bed .