Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Try #2

I'm happy to report that all went well during night #2 in the big-girl bed. Now, nap time is a much different story, with the constant sitting up and diving back down when she sees me peeking in.

Today I remedied that by glaring at her through the cracked doorway until she fell asleep.

(in case you are wondering why I'm such a nazi about when she falls asleep; it's because she needs to wake up by a certain time to eat her snack or her blood sugar will fall too low. So the longer she takes to fall asleep, the shorter her nap is. The shorter her nap is, the unhappier I am. See how everything is linked?)


phonelady said...

Okay Joanne you are now the official Naptime Nazi LOL !!! You know I am kidding dear it just hit me so funny . God bless and hope sleepy time goes well .