Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You will sleep in your new bed and LIKE it

One of the reasons we put off getting Elise her big-girl bed for so long were because of the horror stories that we've heard about trying to keep your child in the bed for the entire night. As if Fred and I aren't sleep deprived enough as it is lately...

Elise loved the idea of her new bed until it was actually time to turn out the light... "whaddya mean, I have to SLEEP in this thing?" Oh my friends, the wailing and gnashing of teeth that ensued was legendary.

At first, she seemed to do okay. Then at about 10:00 pm, she popped out of her room like a happy, little jack-in-the-box and proclaimed, "I wake up!"

Oh no, little girl... you did not. You never went to sleep in the first place.

That's when the real water works started. This was all very out of character for her, so we decided to check her blood sugar... 99. Which is way too low for her to go to sleep with. Happy Elise got a second snack!

When she realized that we meant to leave her alone in her new torture chamber, er bed again, she declared that she didn't like her new bed and started to wail. Because I am a cold, heartless Mom, I sweetly told her, "that's just too bad for you, good night" and walked out.

The screaming lasted for about 15 minutes and gave way to those sad little hitching sobs that is their way of letting you know they're asleep, but they're not happy about it. The peace lasted until about 2:15 am.

This time I brought out the big guns. Namely, Tylenol. Because I am in favour of drugging my child in order to get her to sleep. Actually, she told me her teeth hurt and I could see that her gums were inflamed. What a happy coincidence (P.S. before you get all crazy, Tylenol doesn't work to knock my child out).

About 30 minutes later, I heard a commotion in Elise's room, and went in to find she had gotten out of bed, and was climbing up on her stool to reach the basket where I keep the Tylenol (no longer). She said she needed more medicine for her teeth.

You see, this is what happens when your child hardly ever has any sweets; they use Infant's Tylenol for their sugar fix.

At this point, Fred and were about to re-assemble the crib right then and there. She can sleep in it until she's 18 and her feet stick out through the slats for all we care.

Luckily, that was the last disturbance of the night. She woke up happy right before 8:00 am. Her parents, not so much. This afternoon she went down without a fight and is (hopefully) napping peacefully. After several reminders that she does not have the capacity to fall asleep while standing in her bed. We're hoping for an easier night tonight.

Failing that, I have no problem using duct tape.


phonelady said...

She will get used to it . they all throw a fit at first and everything is misplaced in their opinion . Dont worry eventually she will be okay in the big girl bed .

Laura Houston said...

I don't believe a single word you've said or in this case written. Nope - not sweet, little, well-behaved Elise. Nope,not buying it.

BTW - drugging is a-ok in my book. :-)

Lora said...

HA~ duck tape!!! Now that's funny:)
We use to lay down with Justin at first... just for a few min. Then we would kiss him and say "good night".
You'll figure it out:) Good luck!

Meri said...

She's just doing her job...she is testing how far she needs to go until you give in. BRAVO for sticking to your guns! She is a smartie...she'll do better tonight. (I'm not promising or anything...I'm just guessing :)

Wym said...

I think there is some fear of freedom when a kid has an open bed. I layed by my first daughter till she fell asleep for almost a year. I cannot do it again! Now dd #2 is ready for the big bed...

Angela Lemond, RD, CSP, LD said...

We use a baby gate for Evan and did for Hannah at that age. It works well. We see it as a larger crib, the size of their entire room! :-P