Friday, October 31, 2008

More Halloween Cuteness!

So I decided to be smart and try and get some good costume shots while the gettin' was good. Morning is usually Elise's "happy time", and seeing how it's going to be 85 degrees later on, I think I made a good choice. I think next year I'll put her in a bathing suit for Halloween. Of course, that would be the year we get snow on Oct. 31. Anyway, enjoy pictures of the cutest duck EVER!

I think I'm missing part of my costume...

Cute little ducky behind

I'm ready now, let's go!

What do we have in here?

Cool, a Treo. Now I can text everybody and wish them a Happy Halloween!

Say it with me... Awwwwww!

If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck...

Duck on the run


Emily said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! She is absolutely adorable! What a cute duck Elise is. I love all the "action" shots! So cute!! Definitely the cutest duck ever!

Kim said...

Definitely one of the cutest ducks I have seen!