Saturday, October 11, 2008

Too Tired to Cry

Have you ever been so exhausted, so completely wiped out that you don't even have the strength to summon the moisture for a tear? That's pretty much how I felt this Friday.

It has been a very tough two and a half weeks. Poor Elise's BG (blood glucose) levels have been sky high, between 300-450 (her normal range is 100-200). And it's affecting her badly.

Yesterday, she was walking around and all of a sudden, she just froze. Her shoulders hunched and all her muscles stiffened. Then she let out the most agonizing cry I have ever heard. It pierced my heart and I went over to her to see what had happened. She wrapped her arms around my neck and as I picked her up, she started arching her back and writhing in pain. I soothed her and calmed her down, then decided to check her sugar levels (making sure she wasn't upset as this can affect the results). She was at 428.

No wonder she was in pain. High levels can give you headaches, stomach aches, and make you hungry. Unfortunately she has been running high for almost three weeks now and every time we up her insulin, her BG goes up too. I haven't seen a normal number in a long time.

And our endo (endocrinologist) hasn't been much help. The problem with Elise being so young is that a low BG is much more dangerous than a high. So they have to increase her insulin slowly, over time. But meanwhile I have to care for a hurting child, and I have no way to make her feel better. Very difficult for an admitted control freak like myself.

But that's a whole other post for another day. Meanwhile, could you pray for my little girl? I just want to figure out how to make her to feel better again. The shots, the counting carbs, the blood sugar tests; I can handle those. Watching her in pain is breaking my heart.


Kim said...

Oh! My heart is breaking for you and Elise right now. I know as a mom how hard it is to feel so helpless. We will be praying right now.

HeyJade said...

Oh, Jo! My goodness, poor little Elise!!! I'm so sorry that she has to go through this, and you guys too. Definitely praying for all of you.

Marc Cihelka said...

Joanne it kills me to hear of all the pain you and your little family are going through. You have all my best wishes. I pray for all of you.

The Coles said...
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Little Loveys Mom said...

I'm sooo sorry to hear that...i know how much it must hurt you to see her in pain...we are def praying for elise and you and fred!

Nate said...

You all are in our prayers.