Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday Countdown: Month 7

Yum, yum! Elise started eating solid food right after her 6 month check-up. Although I wouldn't really call rice cereal "solid food". Elise took to it very quickly, and seemed happy to have some varitey in her diet. Carrots, peas, sweet potato, pears, apples; she loved them all! I started making her food myself, and discovered it was a lot of fun. Plus, if I bought the produce at a good price, I could also save a lot of money. The sad part about her eating solids? The end of the non-stinky diaper. Sigh, I miss those days!

March brought another rite of passage for any Canadian... her first snow! Two of them actually. She seemed to like it, and the cold didn't even bother her. That's my girl!

Unfortunately, this month was peppered with doctor visits and hospital tests. The doc was concerned about Elise having a UTI, so she wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with her kidneys or "plumbing". She had a sonogram and something called a VCUG. The only thing that was of concern was that her kidneys were a little small, and the doc didn't seem too worried about it. Thankfully everything else was fine and we thought we were finished with all this UTI stuff. Little did we know...

I'm pretty sure Elise said her first word during this month... not Momma, or Poppa, but hi! When we would go into her room in the morning or after her naps, we'd always say, "hi, little bean!" Well, one time she said hi right back! After that, whenever we'd go into her room the get her out of her crib, she'd greet us with a "hi!" So stinkin' cute! But then, I'm a little biased.