Monday, August 4, 2008

Whew, I'm tired!

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Seriously, I think the last time I was that busy was B.E. (before Elise). Here's the rundown:


Coffee with the girls at 9:00. Okay, I was late and got there around 10:00, but I really enjoyed sitting and chatting with Jade and Leanna. A good way to start the weekend.

After Elise finishes her lunch, it's grocery shopping time.

Come home, have a stand-off with Elise about napping. I win, but it means that she and I have to miss the monthly Portuguese Meet-up lunch. Fred goes solo. I am sad.

Because Elise's nap schedule got messed up, she has to go to bed early and we don't get to go watch Fred play soccer. Once again, I am sad.

After Elise is in bed, I start making the Egg Bake that I'm going to take to Sunday's brunch. Clean up kitchen and go to bed.


Wake up at 8:00, and we're determined to make the 9:00 service at church. After nursing Elise, Fred walking Seven, showering, and feeding Elise her breakfast; we make it there at 9:25. Not too bad!

Come home from church, throw egg bake that I made last night into the oven. Get Elise down for her nap, take egg bake out of oven and go to brunch.

Spend a wonderful two and a half hours with Kellie and her friends. I have to leave early because I need to go home to make dinner for our small group that night.

Arrive home to find my husband making dinner... Wow! He called up a friend who originally gave me the recipe, and took it upon himself to give me a little break. Nice.

Get Elise down for her nap, finish making dinner, and clean up the kitchen. Elise doesn't wake up in time for our small group, so I send Fred ahead with the food. She finally wakes up and we drive to Irving to spend some sweet time with the Kramers, Betti (plural for Bettes), and Duncans.

We leave small group early to go to second dinner at On the Border to meet up with our friends Marcelo, Elaine, and their kids Isabella and Eduarda; who are visiting from Brazil. It was so fun to see them again, but our time there was short, as we had to get Elise to bed.

Bath time, feeding, then bed for Elise at 10:00. We fall into bed around 11:30 - totally exhausted.

I still nurse Elise 4 times a day, so that takes a lot out of a person too. Plus it was 107 degrees F this weekend. That's about 40 degrees C for my metric friends.

Remind me to never take on a weekend like this again.


Kim said...

That's crazy! Eric would be so frustrated with me. And I would love it, but crash on Monday. By the way, Elise will eventually have fewer naps. I promise that part gets easier. :-)

Emily said...

Whoa! No wonder you're tired. That definitely sounds like a crazy weekend! I hope you've recovered!

I don't know if Fred told you that Ben called last week, but we were looking for that pizza place that we met you at in NYC (to take my brother to). We sat at the same table and everything. It was pretty funny. That was a long time ago though!! At least it seems that way