Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Time of Friendship

Today I had the honour of spending some time with my sweet friend Kellie, along with a bunch of other fun ladies from various aspects of her life. It was supposed to be the day of her baby shower, but as you may recall from an earlier post, she lost baby Gabriel. So instead, we had a time of remembering. Stories of how we all met Kellie were told, and it amazed me how many of our stories are all intertwined in some way. We cried as she talked about Gabriel, and she was able to share some of her wisdom from this experience. It was only too appropriate that today at church, Barry's sermon, called "A Community of Wounded Healers", was about God wanting us to use our pain and suffering to minister to others that are suffering too. After all, we serve a Jesus who did the same for us!

I watched in awe as my friend shared her pain, and how she is open to God's plan of using her through this awful tragedy. I am so thankful for her friendship. I don't think I've told her that, but I plan to.

So, thank you, Kellie. For showing me that suffering can be graceful, and to not be afraid to show my wounds to those who I count as close friends.


Val said...

So nicely put. Kellie is, by far, one of the most grateful people I know (or have encountered for that matter). It was such a blessing to be there Sunday, and a reminder that we need to really keep her close right now. Thank you for writing about it :)