Friday, August 8, 2008

Rubbed the Right Way

I got to go for a massage this morning. Fred took the day off from work because we have an appointment to take Elise to the kidney specialist later today, and because my back has been killing me from toting around almost 20 pounds of baby, I decided to take full advantage of Poppa being home. I love a hard massage. I want to feel like I've been in a street fight (and lost), when the whole thing is over. I think if I were rich, that would be the one indulgence I would allow myself. A daily massage.

It was heavenly. They even played my favourite song... you know, the one with the guitar, pan flute and rushing water sound? I love that tune! I think it might have been the extended version. I've always wondered how they get that rushing water sound effect. I picture some sound guy standing beside a brook in a dewy meadow; his boom mic extended over the water while he yells, "I said BABBLE, biotch!"

These are the things that come to mind when I'm alone with my thoughts for that long.