Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Countdown: Month 8

Elise was a busy girl during her 8th month, debuting lots of new skills. She learned to wave, give high fives, and my personal favourite... clapping! I say it's my favourite because the fisrt time she clapped was when I was playing my guitar for her. I was playing a Pogues song, and I think her clapping by no means reflects my talent (or lack of); but shows, once again, that my little girl has great taste in music!

She also started giving kisses this month. Her version of a kiss was to come at you, mouth wide open, and either blow a raspberry on your cheek, or lick it. Her kisses are kind of like Vancouver in the winter... a little wet, but you get used to it.

Elise discovered that she had a mind of her own this month, and I got a glimpse of what may lie ahead. Who would have thought that two VERY stubborn people would have a stubborn offspring. Huh. One way she showed her independence was by staging a nursing strike. But I decided I wasn't ready to give up (and besides, have you seen the price of formula?), so I stuck with it. I'm happy to say she came back on board (so to speak). I guess we know who the MOST stubborn of all is, don't we? Wait, should I be proud of that?