Monday, August 18, 2008

I've Got The Meat Sweats

Fred and I had a lovely meal at The Keg tonight. Lovely because my Mom looked after Elise (she's in town visiting), and because my dinner was paid for thanks to the birthday postcard The Keg sends me every year. Also lovely because I love a good steak.

Tonight I had a good steak. All 16 oz. of it. Plus garlic mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and a grilled tomato. That's right, I ate 16 oz. of medium-rare rib eye. Take that, colon.

I think I'm going into a meat coma. Totally worth it though...


Little Loveys Mom said...

Branden gets those all the time, but we've never used them. I guess we should use his from July b4 chunky monkey comes! congrats to going out. now...did you talk about elise on ur date? LOL

Val said...

I've just taken some time to catch up on my blog reading...and now I NEAD a big steak! Read all the way down to your "last time I threw up" post. Been missing my dose of blessed Jo Sarcasm!! :) Thanks for the chuckles. I think I will "sing" at Chris tonight :)